A new business management system for CEOs. It'll redefine your entire corporate strategy.



There are 3.1 million CEOs in the United States running companies from $1 million to $100 million in revenue. Most of them were trained in something other than being a CEO.

Some were self-appointed – successful entrepreneurs who founded and built a company. Others mastered sales, product development, or finance to rise to the top spot.

But few of them have mastered the CEO skills comprising how to build tangible, measurable, and lasting company value. CEOs of companies under $100 million are usually learning on the job.

ShortTrack CEO is a business management system designed by CEOs for leadership teams of private companies with less than $100 million in revenue. It enables CEOs to develop the skills of a professional CEO and redefine their entire corporate strategy to focus on building tangible, measurable value — in any company.

Corporate Strategy for Small to Mid-Market Companies

The ShortTrack system enables CEOs to master the four fundamental areas of their business that impact their value — Foundation, Market, People, and Operations — and align their team to their purpose to get measurable results every 90 days.

The ShortTrack system encompasses training, consulting, mentoring, seminars, and self study, and is backed by a complete set of tools that companies use daily to achieve powerful results. And it’s delivered by a seasoned CEO.

ShortTrack CEO Business Management System

The ShortTrack system isn’t a shortcut — it’s a 12 month program that puts CEOs on the fast track to reshape their strategy to build tangible, measurable, and lasting value in their company.

The 12 month ShortTrack CEO system is comprised of 12 modules supported by a complete set of tools. The tools include computer software, assessments, templates, charts, calculators, graphs, spreadsheets, Word documents, and reports.

Leadership teams are guided by a seasoned CEO and use the tools to refine their strategy and turn concepts into action to produce tangible, measurable results in their business.

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