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ShortTrack CEO Business Management System

ShortTrack CEO is the first business management system designed by CEOs for leadership teams of mid-market companies.

CEOs of private companies have common struggles. Companies that follow the ShortTrack system use a complete set of tools that enable them to improve the four most important business areas that impact overall company value: Foundation, Market, People, and Operations.

The ShortTrack CEO system will redefine your entire corporate strategy; it encompasses training, consulting, mentoring, seminars, and self study and is backed by a complete set of tools that companies use daily to achieve powerful results.

ShortTrack CEO Leadership

ShortTrack CEO founders are internationally-recognized business speakers, trainers, facilitators, strategists, creators, and thought-leaders who have worked with over 2,000 CEOs of companies with less than $100 million in revenue worldwide.

For the last 10 years these elite masters of industry have studied the principles and practices of companies that have achieved long-term success. ShortTrack CEO is led by Ken Edmundson, a serial CEO who has built three successful mid-market companies in three separate industries over his career.